Your safety and experience is of the utmost importance to us! We want to help ensure your stay is as enjoyable and successful as poossible. By making a booking at any of our properties you agree to comply with the below policies.

**The Toronto FESTIVAL TOWER Suites are subject to either a 1 or 6 month CORPORATE HOUSING Minimum for EXTENDED STAYS ONLY. FESTIVAL TOWER is a residential Community and bound by laws & regulations as set by the CONDO ACT . It is not a VACATION RENTAL. **Rare Exceptions may exist and are subect to currently changing by-laws, zoning, and most importantly CONDO GOVERNING DOCUMENTS  ( which you will receive a copy of as is mandatory) and ANY  Condo Board or City Municipal Approvals that may be required. We Always require a CLIENT  Agreement & Covenant be filled out and signed & a copy of Government ID which must be provided ahead of time to the Condo Board. Additionally a list of contacts must be provided of who to call in the event of an emergency, along with references if requested. Security deposit & more info may be required for first time Clients. The client  and his/her Invitee's  understand this is an CORPORATE EXTENDED STAY rental.

**Madeira Beach Florida is a  VACATION PROPERTY RENTAL and as such is subject to all TAXES as set by the County ( Pinellas) and the State ( Florida). The Condo is subject to ALL Condo GOVERNING DOCUMENTS and  we also require a Client  Agreement , Copy of ID. Agreement must be be signed, along with all vital contact info and Emergency Contact. given. Refundable Security Deposit is required as well.

All CLIENTS agree they are responsible for their own actions & choices. They know best their own limitations with regard to health and medical conditions and any situation that may arise while in the condo. They will conduct themselves in a responsible and civilized manner.

Please understand all of our SUITES are  set up as a TEMPORARY HOME AWAY FROM HOMES, not  typical cookie cutter rentals. They are furnished with above grade furnishings to capture a feeling of " Comfortable Luxury".  electronics such as art, new furnishings, and electronics. Guest/Friend/Family/Tenant agrees to generally pick up after themselves and to leave the premises in a good rentable condition.  

PLEASE NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY if on arrival into unit, it is NOT CLEAN or anything is not to your satisfaction! It's important to know ASAP, so we  correct the situation immediately.

Please be mindful & respectful of your neighbours. Please refrain from loud music and loud TV during "quiet hours" after 11pm.
NO Parties
NO Smoking
NO Pets

Please clean up after yourself in a reasonable manner.
Maximum of 2 sets of keys with FOB'S can be given if both names are on lease.  1 set of keys per person per name on the lease. Please tell us  before the booking when you ideally wish to "Check in" and "Check Out"- we can be flexible sometimes beyond the 11am check out and 3pm check in, & grant you ahead of time a later check out IF we know ahead of time. 

If the CLIENT defaults in regards to any terms in this agreement or violates the Governing Bylaws of the Condo, the Client  agrees to vacate, upon 5 hr. notice and to be responsible for all legal costs plus damages, should action be brought to regain possession or repair loss or damages. Any repairs or improvements made or ordered by tenant, but unauthorized in writing by Landlord shall become debts of tenant. 

Cancellation policy- 

There is a strict no refund policy if canceled within 45 days of stay. We highly recommend purchasing Travel/medical insurance to cover the cost of your cancellation should you anticipate the possibility of one. Cancellations in extreme circumstances due to medical, act of God  emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis and will be assesses a $100 cancellation fee.